Meet Terumi


Hi there! My name is Terumi, or "teruuuchan"

I am a Chicago-based Illustrator and Graphic Artist who likes to spend much of my time with felines and foods!! 

I graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BFA in Illustration (with a minor in Japanese). I grew up watching anime (Japanese cartoon) and reading manga (Japanese comic books), which has majorly influenced my style of art. I tend to combine my two favorite things -cute with quirky. The juxtaposition of these two things create a prospect that draws interest to the story behind the pieces.

In my free time I look at food, take photos of food, and devour my food!! I also enjoy baking!! Baking allows me to be creative from a scientific perspective where it allows me to play around and experiment with ingredients to produce a piece of art that is pleasant to both your eyes and taste buds!